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Hi! Have you ever wanted to know some random fact? Or how to do something thing like make a dry ice bomb or how to do a card trick? Well on factmonsters we have everything. This site will take some time to have all the way done but I did not want to keep you waiting. 

I would love for everyone to get a hold of me. the email is  

But even better i have twitter.

Also one of my great fans made a facebook for me its MonsterFacts its a facebookgroup.

Please contact me if you have some random fact that is not on my site. I also have random fact of the week will be picked by a random email that is sent to me. Twitter fans will be sent random facts threw out the day and also news about the site.

 random fact of the week!

For more widgets please visit

FUNNYPICS- Its just a hole bunch of random pictures if you would like to see your funny picture on hear just email or tweet me the name and whare to find it or the piture itself

VIDEOS- This is mostlly youtube vidos i just put what videos i think should be showen most of them are funny

RANDOMFACTS- Random facts is kinda what got this site started if you are following me on twitter you will get my random fact of the day

HOW TO- This page shows you how to do some stuff please do not be stupied about some of this stuff somethings can be very harmfull to you.

TOP SONGS- This is the top songs picked by the fans right now i have no one telling me songs so thare are none on thare.

FAN PAGE- The page just for my fans it also has fan of the week.

FANS ONLY- This page is only for fans its no ware close to being done but it will be.



this site was made thanks to something’s on hear was just copied from other web sites so I cant take credit for all of it if you need to get a hold of me email me at plz only use this if you really need to. This site is going to grow and get bigger every day. I hope. This site is non profit at the moment. If you have a add you would like me to place in hear plz contact me some adds I will put in hear I will even do for free.


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